Our Mission


We are inspired by balancing action and contemplation.  We provide expert management consulting to enhance program development, clinical supervision, evaluation and oversight policies and procedures. Our goal is to help clients build on strengths, improve weaknesses, and increase performance.   Our core areas include:


  • Health

  • Social policy

  • Workforce development

  • Education


We work with you. We listen. We hear. We act. We react. We save.

Our History


Since 1992 Humanitas, a small, woman-owned firm, has targeted solutions to meet and exceed the needs of public and private sector clients.  They look to us to improve performance and outcomes.  We achieve success because we:


  • Work collaboratively to enhance economy of work

  • Adapt to meet unique needs and circumstances of each client

  • Produce high-quality products, services and results


All our efforts are delivered on time and within budget --- resulting in 100% return business from satisfied clients.


Our Focus


We strive to help our clients improve their efficiency.  Whether it is policymakers, administration officials or practitioners, we generate accurate information by looking at the whole picture.  We do this by:


  • Monitoring evaluation and dissemination strategies

  • Examining the interrelated parts

  • Developing practical and cost-effective solutions


Simply put, we assess what works, what doesn’t and why. Our findings help you determine improvements for the short and long term.

Humanitas . . . a fine balance of action and contemplation, a balance born not of compromise but of complementarity.
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