Alcohol & Drug Prevention for At-Risk Youth
NIH Public Access Policy

Is one of your program's goals to improve program performance?  


Using the right tool for the job is essential to getting the desired result. For fine tuning program performance, the right tool is the Humanitas evaluation and assessment team. First, we use qualitative and quantitative techniques to assess and evaluate performance. We compare actual and expected results, Then we apply our experience, interpreting study findings in health-related policy and program management to determine what works, what doesn't, and why.


We add value to your evaluation dollar through recommendations that build on strengths and improve weaknesses. The result for you is enhanced performance. Our management expertise promotes your ability to deliver timely, high quality results that respond to constituents' concerns.

The project goal was to conduct a process evaluation of the mandatory NIH Public Access Policy to determine if implementation is working effectively and efficiently to meet the Congressional mandate to ensure that all papers are submitted to and archived in PubMed Central (PMC), to identify potential process improvements, and to identify best practices for ensuring compliance, both within and outside NIH.


We prepared a logic model to document program intent; an evaluation framework to detail program goals, objectives, standards, indices, and measures of success; conducted a literature review; and, developed proposed analyses of secondary data from NIH. Humanitas analyzed secondary data provided by NIH; collected and analyzed approved qualitative data; and prepared a final report, database, and briefing on study results.

Job Corps serves an at-risk population where 20-25% of the students will test positive for drugs on entry. Analysis of drug and alcohol data assisted in understanding national- and center-specific program strengths and weaknesses, and led to refining Job Corps' Trainee Employee Assistance Program through specific policy changes to better meet the needs of students. There is now a greater emphasis on prevention and education for all students, as well as detailed assessment strategies for identification of students at risk for substance use problems, with the overall goal of helping students overcome barriers to employability.


The National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research (OER) required a system to monitor its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.


Humanitas designed, developed, and continues to support a model comprehensive data system to assist NIH administrators in monitoring and evaluating the NIH SBIR Program as well as conduct special related evaluation studies, surveys, and analyses.


Humanitas developed the Performance Outcome Data System (PODS), an NIH Intranet website that can serve as a model for capturing and storing up-to-date information about grant program outcomes. PODS provides automated methods for authorized NIH administrators to rapidly generate and retrieve information about awards, awardees, and outcomes. The system disseminates and analyzes performance data about a representative sample of NIH Phase II SBIR awards from 1992-2007 as described by the 2002 and 2008 National Surveys to Evaluate the NIH SBIR Program, several subsequent voluntary updates, and a pilot program to collect final progress reports online.


Humanitas researched, pilot-tested, assessed, and reported on approaches to automating updates to the survey data routinely and submitting final progress reports online to populate the PODS database; updated the PODS database to reflect new award, awardee, and outcome data; generated special reports about awardees, awards, and outcomes for the 2002 survey population and the 2005 and 2007 final progress report submission updates; analyzed the fit/gap between PODS and the eRA Commons automated grant management system to determine the feasibility of integrating the two systems.

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