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NCI Central Institutional Review Board

Is one of your program's goals to maximize productivity while ensuring quality?  


Humanitas staff help programs maximize productivity by developing and analyzing performance metrics, offering technical assistance and training, and providing precise logistics to keep programs running smoothly. We support programs reaching highest possible potential. 


Once upon a time, the Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) convened in-person meetings. Volunteer Board Members, expert cancer clinicians, and medical researchers, traveled each month to participate in institutional review board meetings. 


Then came ePanel©


Suddenly vast amounts of time and money could be used elsewhere at NCI, and Board Members experienced the ePanel© convenience of completing reviews on their own schedule and attending meetings online. 

WIA, ADAAA, and Section 508 legislation hold specific requirements with regard to disabilities and accommodations. Program staff need to comply with laws while providing optimal service toward assuring accommodations for individuals with disabilities.


Humanitas staff conduct custom training and provide technical assistance for Job Corps staff by providing knowledge, ideas, information sharing, and tools via national, regional, contractor, and center trainings. Webinars are developed for each audience and may provide assistance with evaluation, policy development, and program implementation, both facility-wide and for individuals. This assists program administrators as well as staff involved in serving students with disabilities the information and skills needed to ensure all students are provided equal opportunity and the program successfully creates more inclusive center environments.

Maximize Productivity

Creating Inclusive Environments

Seasoned health care professionals serve Job Corps by conducting reviews on health care delivery including disease- and injury-prevention initiatives, medical care, substance abuse and mental health programming, disability accommodations, and oral health services.


These reviews, along with evaluations from past events, serve as a needs assessment for web-based trainings and conference events. Based on this needs assessment, Humanitas provides over 100 web-based trainings each year, serving approximately 5,000 health care professionals annually.

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